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Who'd a thought. [Feb. 20th, 2007|07:10 pm]
Who'd a thought that the shit we learned how to do would actually help us in college.

Like how we use to...in AP Euro and U.S. History...do those essay where you're given like 8 sources, and you make an essay about all of them. yeah, we sorta did the same thing in U.S. History at school last week...and i got an A! i was excited haha
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Ur Face!!! [Jan. 25th, 2007|04:58 pm]
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Isn't it kind of ironic that it's almost Valentine's Day, but almost Everyone is breaking up. or on the verge of it.

Pretty much Me and David are the only relationship(and maybe a few others) that are going strong!

For example, Natalie and Joe at work are basically fed up w/their bf/gf, then Wendy's got fucked over by her guy. Then to top it all off, Mikey and Sami might break up just for the simple reason that Mikey's kind of an asshole.

But yeah, on another note isn't it funny that k-it's a person's fault for fixing up 2 people together, then That person gets pissed off that those 2 people actually work Really Well Together, so That person tries to destroy it. Does that make any sense? Me and a certain person...hmm i wonder who...came up w/that the other day.
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Christmas '06 [Dec. 22nd, 2006|06:52 pm]
I figure i should update right now right now

A)B/c i'm bored and got nothing else to do


B)It's been a while lol

Kennyways...It's so nice to not be completely and utterly depressed this Christmas. Instead, i have my Davey yay!

Me and David are slowly turning Jewish in ways. 1st off-we've become wayyy cheap, and found numerous ways to save money. and 2nd-we've been giving eachother random Christmas presents on random days, so we're celebrating Chrismukkah lol

What's everyone doing for Christmas and New Years???

My Schedule this week consists of basically:

Saturday and Sunday-Workyyy

Monday-Christmas!!! Waking up, opening presents. then leaving for Catalina till Wednesday

then coming back wednesday and having dinner w/Wendy Bird and i get to meet her Mormon friend who she's like in Love with lol
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i hate. [Aug. 2nd, 2006|02:37 am]
i hate life right now.
just mainly one thing.
i want to cut myself again.
but i can't find a knife that's sharp enough
i want to feel the pain though.
i neeeeed my therapist right now.

i neeeeed a hug.
i neeeeed someone to tell me that it's all okay.
i neeeeed something real.
i neeeeed a boy who won't cheat on me.

i need drugs.
i want to take all my pills right now.
i want to kill myself.
i hate myself.
i hate life right now.
i want to kill myself.

everything i thought i knew is gone.
was just a lie.
with that shit, i just want to die.
i really don't care anymore.
i thought i was over this shit. that it was done 2 months ago exactly.
but i guess i was wrong.

i wonder if i'll ever find something true.
if i'll ever find someone who truely loves me.
i don't think so.
i'm giving up.
i'm killing myself.
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(no subject) [May. 21st, 2006|09:33 pm]
this weekend was wayyy fun!

So friday-Shabbat, then Save the Pianos at OCC. randomly running into Erin at the OCC, then random Bongo dancing w/that one guy who had the random deep voice lol. then a random guy who looked like Peter Gallagher from the OC. the guy could not look up when talking to me. sorry, but um, no. A)he wasn't cute, and B)you can't focus on my eyes, then get the fuck awayyy from me! came to find that Erin has a "Complicated situation" too. lol.

that night, went to hang out w/Ash El, Rachel, Bobby, and Ryan, at Ryan's house. i almost got lost in the apartment complex known as the Aspens. scaryness. like being caught in the woods. yeah=not fun. then random Navy guy name Ryan kept hitting on me, and hugging me, started to piss me off, i was like "get away from me!!!" kept asking me "so...are you and Mike together?" and i'm like "um, i don't know, but either way, soo not hooking up w/you, so leave me the fuck alone okay?" grrr he started to annoy the fuck out of me!
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Aimee got arrested(sorta) [Mar. 24th, 2006|10:03 pm]
haha a few minutes ago my mom got a call from the cops saying that Aimee and her friends were throwing coins and things off the Bella Terra parking structure. and that it's a felony to do so. hahahaha. so a helpful hint-THROWING ARMY MEN OF THE PARKING STUCTURE CAN GET US THROWN IN JAIL lol.
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(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2006|06:49 pm]
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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2005|11:11 pm]
Omg, how freakin' gorgeous are Natalie Portman and Stacy Kiebler? i was just like "Omg! it's soo freakin' entrancing how beautiful they are!" like seriously, i'm just like so drawn by their beauty, like omg. Does any girl know what i'm talking about...like w/guys(lets use Hayden Christensen as an example shall we?)he's just so freakin' hott, and when i see him i wanna make out w/him, but when i see a pic of Natalie Portman or Stacy Kiebler, i don't have that same wanting,there's actually no wanting at all, i'm just so entranced by their beauty and i'm just like "wow" does that make any sense?
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(no subject) [May. 15th, 2005|09:03 pm]
sometimes life is so freaking random! like omg! yesterday, went to Monique's for her 24th bday party. i drank, then after 1, Oscar got worried about me and told Natalie "she's too young to drink that much," awww he really cared, like i didn't think he was like that. Fernando-trying to talk to him was a semi-pointless effort. like the entire time Lissette was trying to get us together...and he seemed stand off-ish and i asked him about that and he's like "noo..." but me, Fernando, and Monique went in the lil boat, and Monique started spinning us in circles-fun shit when one is drunk, then Fernando tried to drive it-that boy couldn't park in the dock...then i was talking to Oscar and he was like "Fernando said that he only wants to talk to you when you're sober" and i'm like "wtf? okay...then i'll do that ya know..." but i asked Fernando if he said that and he was like "i said nothing to Oscar," i dunno...but then i was sorta "on" Fernando again, and like Monique's mom was like "so, you and him are boyfriend/girlfriend" and i was like "no, we've just hooked up," and in my mind i was like "i wish" lol. but he was taking me over to a friend's house, then i was just like pouring my heart out to him, and like telling him how i liked him and everything, then i was like "so, was what we did, just a hookup thing?" and he's like "yeah, pretty much," but i was like "yes! i have closure! finally!" i was soo happy :D

Reece thinks it's funny how i talk non-stop when i'm drunk, it is kinda comical, but'cha.

OOO and Natalie's getting the pictures developed from her party...i'm a lil scurred...prolly just me on everyone...i think Stephen got a lil frightened b/c i was hanging onto him and started talking to him lol
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suck my kiss... [May. 13th, 2005|11:09 pm]
but'cha, my dad was totally stoned tonight. b/c he was like very un-responsive and usually he walks really fast, or at least keeps up w/us, but he was like trailing behind for a loong time, and going soo slowly. then i did the finger moving test, and he was totally stoned!!! and like usually i'm like, hey, if you're stoned, it's cool, ya know just be safe to like my friends, but that's b/c i see them all the time, but i can only see my dad once a week, or if i'm lucky, then twice a week. but omg, he's been really weird this week, i think he was drunk at the beginning of the week, b/c i only talked to him on the phone. but dude, i've been drunk and hung out w/ppl who were stoned enough to know how they act. and it really really depressed. so depressed that i faked being sick, so that i could get out of dinner w/him and everyone. but like i know that there's no way in hell he'd admit it, b/c he didn't before even when caught, so he won't admit it now. it just made me really really depressed, like i wanted to cry.
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