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suck my kiss... [May. 13th, 2005|11:09 pm]
but'cha, my dad was totally stoned tonight. b/c he was like very un-responsive and usually he walks really fast, or at least keeps up w/us, but he was like trailing behind for a loong time, and going soo slowly. then i did the finger moving test, and he was totally stoned!!! and like usually i'm like, hey, if you're stoned, it's cool, ya know just be safe to like my friends, but that's b/c i see them all the time, but i can only see my dad once a week, or if i'm lucky, then twice a week. but omg, he's been really weird this week, i think he was drunk at the beginning of the week, b/c i only talked to him on the phone. but dude, i've been drunk and hung out w/ppl who were stoned enough to know how they act. and it really really depressed. so depressed that i faked being sick, so that i could get out of dinner w/him and everyone. but like i know that there's no way in hell he'd admit it, b/c he didn't before even when caught, so he won't admit it now. it just made me really really depressed, like i wanted to cry.