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i hate. [Aug. 2nd, 2006|02:37 am]
i hate life right now.
just mainly one thing.
i want to cut myself again.
but i can't find a knife that's sharp enough
i want to feel the pain though.
i neeeeed my therapist right now.

i neeeeed a hug.
i neeeeed someone to tell me that it's all okay.
i neeeeed something real.
i neeeeed a boy who won't cheat on me.

i need drugs.
i want to take all my pills right now.
i want to kill myself.
i hate myself.
i hate life right now.
i want to kill myself.

everything i thought i knew is gone.
was just a lie.
with that shit, i just want to die.
i really don't care anymore.
i thought i was over this shit. that it was done 2 months ago exactly.
but i guess i was wrong.

i wonder if i'll ever find something true.
if i'll ever find someone who truely loves me.
i don't think so.
i'm giving up.
i'm killing myself.