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Christmas '06 [Dec. 22nd, 2006|06:52 pm]
I figure i should update right now right now

A)B/c i'm bored and got nothing else to do


B)It's been a while lol

Kennyways...It's so nice to not be completely and utterly depressed this Christmas. Instead, i have my Davey yay!

Me and David are slowly turning Jewish in ways. 1st off-we've become wayyy cheap, and found numerous ways to save money. and 2nd-we've been giving eachother random Christmas presents on random days, so we're celebrating Chrismukkah lol

What's everyone doing for Christmas and New Years???

My Schedule this week consists of basically:

Saturday and Sunday-Workyyy

Monday-Christmas!!! Waking up, opening presents. then leaving for Catalina till Wednesday

then coming back wednesday and having dinner w/Wendy Bird and i get to meet her Mormon friend who she's like in Love with lol