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sometimes life is so freaking random! like omg! yesterday, went to… - fakeitalian2075 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 15th, 2005|09:03 pm]
sometimes life is so freaking random! like omg! yesterday, went to Monique's for her 24th bday party. i drank, then after 1, Oscar got worried about me and told Natalie "she's too young to drink that much," awww he really cared, like i didn't think he was like that. Fernando-trying to talk to him was a semi-pointless effort. like the entire time Lissette was trying to get us together...and he seemed stand off-ish and i asked him about that and he's like "noo..." but me, Fernando, and Monique went in the lil boat, and Monique started spinning us in circles-fun shit when one is drunk, then Fernando tried to drive it-that boy couldn't park in the dock...then i was talking to Oscar and he was like "Fernando said that he only wants to talk to you when you're sober" and i'm like "wtf? okay...then i'll do that ya know..." but i asked Fernando if he said that and he was like "i said nothing to Oscar," i dunno...but then i was sorta "on" Fernando again, and like Monique's mom was like "so, you and him are boyfriend/girlfriend" and i was like "no, we've just hooked up," and in my mind i was like "i wish" lol. but he was taking me over to a friend's house, then i was just like pouring my heart out to him, and like telling him how i liked him and everything, then i was like "so, was what we did, just a hookup thing?" and he's like "yeah, pretty much," but i was like "yes! i have closure! finally!" i was soo happy :D

Reece thinks it's funny how i talk non-stop when i'm drunk, it is kinda comical, but'cha.

OOO and Natalie's getting the pictures developed from her party...i'm a lil scurred...prolly just me on everyone...i think Stephen got a lil frightened b/c i was hanging onto him and started talking to him lol