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Omg, how freakin' gorgeous are Natalie Portman and Stacy Kiebler? i… - fakeitalian2075 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 17th, 2005|11:11 pm]
Omg, how freakin' gorgeous are Natalie Portman and Stacy Kiebler? i was just like "Omg! it's soo freakin' entrancing how beautiful they are!" like seriously, i'm just like so drawn by their beauty, like omg. Does any girl know what i'm talking about...like w/guys(lets use Hayden Christensen as an example shall we?)he's just so freakin' hott, and when i see him i wanna make out w/him, but when i see a pic of Natalie Portman or Stacy Kiebler, i don't have that same wanting,there's actually no wanting at all, i'm just so entranced by their beauty and i'm just like "wow" does that make any sense?

[User Picture]From: foreversnapped
2005-05-18 08:15 am (UTC)
Oh I know what you mean Natalie IMO is the most beautiful woman alive she is so freaking perfect! I love to look at her shes just so beautiful...And Stacy, aww Stacy is my angel!lol she is adorable, I love her shes so sweet & So beautiful, My uncle thinks she is the most beautiful woman alive, I dont look at Natalie or Stacy and think omg I wanna kiss you or anything but I cant stop staring at them & a few other women I am like that too, I just think they are so pretty and take such great photos, none of my friends except one really get it, I watched A ROTS preview yesterday and I saw Hayden and I said OMG I love you and then Nat popped up and I said OMG I love you too! and my friend got serious and said omg mycah are you gay-I said(really seriously) yeah-lol I'm not but I was messin with her, and said no, shes like well you just said you loved Padme-I was like just nevermind, I dont know how to explain it either, sometimes I worry about myself-lol...I can see why people would assume I am lesbian because their are about 10 women who I think that way about.

for anyone who doesnt know who Stacy is (she is on WWE wrestling she isnt an actress)
this is her
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