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his car, my vagina, our business [May. 12th, 2005|11:21 pm]
i do, but at the same time feel like writing a lj entry.

we needed more than 2 hrs...it needed to not be my special time of the month...it was still good and lots lots lots of ffffuuunnn...i owed you for getting you in trouble...so i paid you back...double...i want some more...so in a week, it's so on...
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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2005|02:48 am]
it's 2:49am right now, and i cannot sleep. i can prolly, but i'm just staying online for awhile. b/c ever since sunday, evertime i'm online, he calls, and i get distracted, so sorry to anyone who i was just like "suddenly bye" to b/c there were like 2 phones, and i couldn't do all 3 at once. but'cha-if you hear me saying that like alll the time, i sorry, it's just in my head, it's an inside joke that Reece and i have. i really hope prom's lots of fun. i wanted to do all the cliche` things that you do on prom night(or at least i wanted too) just b/c i'm weird like that. i think it's totally hilarious how my mom wants me to get some on prom night. b/c today i was complaining b/c i got my "monthly friend" and i was like "wtf? it's a month early? why??? wrong timeing!!!" and she was like "well, at least you won't have it on prom night...so you can..." she said something like that. i was just like "mother! omg!" i thought it was great, i was like "mom, i love you." she is the most awesome mommy ever.
but alas, the guy i wanted to go with, isn't going, so we're not going. even though he said he really wanted to go w/me, he just can't go b/c he hasn't serverd his detention hrs yet, and also b/c we don't want drama. b/c any sorta drama between friends sucks.
but'cha-so adorable, sooo sooo omg, like seriously, dude

dude, we sooo need to hang out! dude, just tell your mom that you were w/a girl and blah blah blah i wanna hang out! seriously now! i'm getting soo freaking antsy!(eventhough i know he doesn't read this, still i felt like writing it)lol

oh hey, masterbation does work, this time it did, maybe that they guy was on the other line, but it works :D. i'm thinking of getting a vibrator, not seriously, maybe not the near future, but maybe soon, but i'm broke now, and got a speech on how my responsibility w/money sucks today, so i'm gonna start saving, which i meant to do, but i really wanted that Amersterdam shirt

awww Bijan, i really <3<3<3 for screaming "SEX" loudly in econ today. and for your really long comment on Amy's lj, i second your entire thought!

dude, i've noticed that i've started a bad pattern for myself this week, like i've been on the phone soo freakin' much, and if i wasn't on the phone, i was either at school, work, or getting lost w/Felicia in Tustin. but like, i've lost soo much sleep, and like i've been distracted that i've noticed i haven't been eating as much. b/c i'm too tired in the morning to eat, which escalades into the afternoon, b/c i feel sick b/c i need to eat, but feel too sick to eat, then forget about it at night b/c i'm distracted. but i got my shit back together, no worries. i'm still all healthy. and no.-this isn't becoming an "unhealthy thing" either.
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i thought this was totally hilarious [May. 11th, 2005|11:23 pm]
so we found this in Amy Kaufman's lj "so i ran across the livejournal of this girl who has been in a few of my classes since freshman year. she's always been pretty quiet and shy. yet her journal goes on about how she drinks and does sleazy things. wtf is this world coming to!?" and we were wondering if this is about me??? possibly, i dunno, but i think it would be totally hilarious if it was. B/c yeah, i do drink, making out, and any form of sex isn't a sleazy thing, it's great fun, you should try it. maybe if you found anyone that would even want to have sex w/you then maybe you would be more optimistic, rather than just talking shit about ppl b/c your jealous. Even if it's not me that Amy's talking about, i support that girl that seems shy to her, but actually drinks and has sex. right on!
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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2005|03:24 pm]
this is so true, it's kinda scaryCollapse )
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i'm a bit slow today, but i came up w/some more theories if anyone cares... [May. 7th, 2005|10:47 pm]
1. When a guy asks a girl if he can kiss her-like dude, just take a risk, i mean, you might get slapped, but still. like omg, it's soo freakin' annoying when they're like "can i kiss you?" b/c i like when a kiss's sort of a surprise, surprise is the wrong word, but it's nice when you look into eachother's eyes and the butterflies, i guess, the feeling you get, sorta nervious, sorta happy, but i <3 the feeling i get. but still, don't try shoveing you tongue down her throat, but you get what i mean...right?

2. Making out in the movies-k, dude, from experience, this pisses me off, it may be different for other ppl, but for me, here we go. you pay like $8 to go to a place just to make out, like seriously dude, DO IT FOR FREE! like, it's uncomfortable, there are many a more-accessible places where it's more comfortable to make out. like seriously, THERE'S A BAR IN THE MIDDLE OF YOU! and, maybe this is b/c i'm a movie buff, but if i go to the movies, i expect to see a movie, whether it's Xanadu or Back to the Future. i expect to get my popcorn, put lots of butter and salt on it, and devour the entire thing w/o a worry. Not neccessarily a worry, but when i went to the movies w/this one guy(grrr i hate him so)all he wanted to do is make out, and i'm like "k, why are we even at the movies dude???" then i ate my popcorn and when i was finished, he was like "finally, you're done" and i'm like "yeah, i eat popcorn all the time..." "sorry i ruined your make-out plans." like dude, it's also quite loud. grrr it's hard to explain, but do you guys get it?
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waiting for the <3 of a traveling soldier... [May. 4th, 2005|12:24 am]
Senior yearCollapse )
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dude, talk! [May. 3rd, 2005|11:15 pm]
dude, calc sucked, but i realized that if i actually studied, then i might have passed it. i don't think i'll pass the ap, but no worries, if i have to do math in college, it's alright. besides, it's my own fault, so why mope.

but afterwards...it was my mission to get Laura to talk...yeah, it didn't happen. we went to Coldstone and i'm like "i always get strawberries w/marshmellows and gummybears(i really do though, for 2 years straight lol), what do you get?" i got the "um..." thing that Laura always does, but then she said "chocolate w/brownies" but that's basically all the talking i got. i tried to bring up like many a conversation topics. i brought up the calc test, then food, tiredness, then Fernando and Humberto(not really the details b/c i don't remember if i told her or not) but just like "i didn't want to go to sleep last night b/c i was texting my friend." yeah. got NO ANSWER! i so want to shake her and be like "TALK!!!" like seriously, am i THAT BORING that she doesn't pay attention to me, that she really can't comment??? i mean, i like to think i'm not boring 24/7, but dude, like seriously.
the shit hit the fan, i'm just fed up w/her not talking to me ever! and like she doesn't talk to other ppl either, like dude, she's known you(as like best friend known) since like 2nd grade! dude! say something! i've only known her since 6th, but still man, i met Tommy in 6th grade, but then didn't talk to him till now, and in the 1st like minute me and him have talked more than me and Laura have in my entire time of knowing her.
like why??? does she have a secret life??? witness protection program??? what??? i wanna know!!!
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more quizzes...i was bored... [May. 2nd, 2005|12:02 am]
Take the quiz: "What flavor of RAMEN NOODLES are YOU??? (with pictures, mmmmm....)"

You are BEEF! You're cool

Take the quiz: "What disneyland ride are you?"

Pirates of the Caribbean
Yo Ho! You are PIrates of the Caribbean. You are lively qand outgoing but at the same time down to earth. You live life to the fullest. You enjoy good eatin' and a fun time!

Take the quiz: "What type of Converse are you?"

Candy Swirl Converse

i thought the beef one's funny:)
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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2005|08:49 pm]
Yeah, so he left. i'm really sad. usually i see him on the weekends when he comes to get Gabe, but not this week. i haven't seen and talked to him at the same time for like 2 weeks...dude i need to see him and talk to him in person...maybe tomorrow b/c i work, and he might stay longer. but yeah, it's like i don't know how to act b/c we're at work ya know? now i know why they say ppl shouldn't mix business w/pleasure. dude, the "gossip train" at work is so fast it's amazing. freaking Humberto started it man lol...i sorta did, but didn't, i got tricked w/my own stupidity.
but...me and Lissette think we should do something for him, like a going away type of thing...possibly this weekend...and we thought either BJ's or a "drunken party," so maybe something will happen...i'm hopeing so...

Kenny's comment cheered me up...but i miss Fernando...like i could call him, but it's not the same...i was proud of myself b/c i thought i wouldn't get attached, but i did...

and like i dunno if it's just like a hook-up thing, or like something just so he can get some...i'm okay if it IS that, but like i'd just like to know ya know?
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i'm sad and bored...and i flunked the econ test yes! [Apr. 29th, 2005|01:46 pm]
i'm sad-Fernando's supposedly leaving today, he said he's out on friday, but staying around for awhile. i dunno if that means he's staying at Gabe's house or what. any thoughts?
but i did go by work today and saw his car(b/c my mom had to pay the verison bill right after she got me from school, i "hid" myself w/my hood b/c i didn't look cute...i'm a dork lol) so i dunno. any thoughts?

i'm bored-i need to switch out my blockbuster movies, but i'm waiting for my bro to come back.

i flunked the econ test-i hope i got at least a C, but i can still make it up next time, so not really any worries.

Tonight i'm going to see Romeo and Juliet for APA. i'm excited.
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